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W h a t  i s  a n  e l o p e m e n t ?

In ancient times to elope meant having a secret wedding. Today an elopement is a small, intimate wedding for just two lovers alone or maximum a handful of guests who are very close to the wedding couple witnessing. A conscious decision. Due to its size an elopement gives you much freedom to create a ceremony and wedding day that screams totally YOU.

W h e n  i s  t h e  b e s t  t i m e

t o  s t a r t  e l o p e m e n t  p l a n n i n g ?

We recommend starting your elopement journey ideally 12 months ahead to your desired wedding date. And it is of course possible to start even earlier. Imagine, even though there will be no or only few guests joining and you do not have to plan as much as for a big wedding, you still want to have the best team of wedding helpers for your big day - especially photography services book out quickly. The mininum for us planning your dream day is at least 6 months. This time span allows us to pour all our lifeblood in creating your adventure and giving you the most memorable experience.

W h e r e  c a n  w e  e l o p e ?

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen & more area is the perfect escape for your elopement in the Bavarian Alps in Germany - the most beautiful place to start the adventure called marriage. We are locals and know the region inside out - we´d love to find you your magic place that can for example be an emerald shimmering lake, a breathtaking mountain peak, a wild river bed, a beautiful waterfall and so many more.

W e  w a n t  t o  e l o p e ,

b u t  n o t  t o t a l l y  a l o n e .

W h o  c a n  w e  b r i n g  a s  o u r  g u e s t s ?

This could for example be your parents, children or very close friends. We see an elopement with you, means the wedding couple + a maximum of 4 guests. If you want more guests, you can opt for an intimate wedding.

 I s  a n  e l o p e m e n t  c e r e m o n y

a  l e g a l l y  b i n d i n g  m a r r i a g e ?

An elopement has a symbolic character. Means you will exchange vows in an intimate personal ceremony in a stunning place in the middle of nature. Just the two of you or your nearest and dearest witnessing. If you wish your ceremony can be supported by a free celebrant, too.

 H o w  t o  h a v e

a  l e g a l l y  b i n d i n g  m a r r i a g e  t h e n ?

A legally binding marriage by law can be done at the registrar´s office. You can have both on the same day. First the official part and then the romantic, adventurous part. Alternatively you can do the official part at your home town and the romantic part in stunning mountain scenery here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen & more.

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