i n  G a r m i s c h - P a r t e n k i r c h e n  &   m o r e

hello soulmates

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s  t h a t  y o u  h a v e  f o u n d

t h e  o n e  w h o m  y o u r  s o u l  l o v e s

A meaningful wedding ceremony

with just the two of you or in between the inner circle of your nearest and dearest in a picture-perfect escape is what you are dreaming about

Then come elope in the Bavarian Alps

Your vows sealed at an emerald shimmering lake,

in  the middle of a wild river bed, under a beautiful waterfall or on a breathtaking mountain peak

With the focus on the essence of your love

we will find you the most beautiful spot in the middle of nature and will organize everything for a happy and relaxed wedding day

A  C o l l e c t i o n  o f

magic places



and more

Our collection of magic places is a taster of

where we can make the magic happen

All of these secret spots are super romantic, peaceful and remote

Should you have another lovely spot in mind please tell us about it

We´d love to find the O N E for you

and see you being the happiest in Y O U R magic place

which one is your magic place?

that´s in for you

A  f u l l  s e r v i c e  e x p e r i e n c e

i n c l u d i n g

e v e r y t h i n g

t o  m a k e   t h e  e l o p e m e n t

o f  y o u r  d r e a m s  c o m e  t r u e

- Finding your magic place to seal your love

for forever 

- Planning your elopement intinerary 

- Bridal hair & make-up for your gorgeous look 

- Lovely flowers, decor & styling to make your day even more magic

- A delicious wedding cake, champagne

and finger licking food

- All transfers including e.g. cable car rides

- Super beautiful wedding photography to capture all your precious moments

- Taking care of logistics and ensuring

smooth operations

- and of course being there for you throughout

I t  i s  Y O U R  d a y

 If you need, we offer tons of add-ons to customize your dream day

+ every elopement package includes a free booking service for your love nest

and many, many more... 

Bringing your dream elopement to live

s t a r t s  a t



"Our elopement experience has been designed

to make your wedding day sweet, romantic and the dreamiest ever

Together with our team of handpicked and highly talented wedding professionals

we make your elopement day joyful and stressfree"

H a v e  Q u e s t i o n s  ?

we´d love to answer them


f o r  M o t h e r  N a t u r e

All magic places have been sourced carefully

to make your elopement experience extra special

They are hidden gems of Mother Nature,

picture-perfect  escapes

which still suppose of an exclusive remoteness

To keep them as unspoilt as they are

for future generations we have to be aware

of treating them in a responsible way

We will encounter them carefully without harming animals or plants who find their habitat

in these places, nor will we reveal their names

To give back, 100 €uro of each elopement

will be donated into a regional project

of your choice which aims for the protection of Mother Nature

let´s make your dream elopement come true

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the most beautiful place to get married in bavaria - germany